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Certainly worth a visit. Paintings, portraits of kings, ceramic, porcelain and glass objets d'art from England and Japan, Chinese wooden furniture and carvings, etchings and Roman relics, all in all, quite a feast for the eyes.On the ground floor there are paintings and murals that depict the genealogy of the Mysore kings and princes.

Chamarajendra Art Gallery

The paintings of the wedding darbar and dussehra durbar offer a wealth of detail.
The first floor is a treasury of paintings of various artists from across the world. The gallery also has paintings by Raja Ravi Verma - 'Sucking child', 'Sakuntala', 'Krishna and Balram', 'Harishchandra' all of them interesting in that you will be able to see how popular iconographies developed under the influence of Varma. A collection of postcards home is available for a small fee.
One the second floor are musical instruments - the harp, veena, flute, guitar, sarangi - they're all there.
Open daily from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. Entry Rs: 10