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One of the main attractions in Mysore - Chamundi Hills, situated 3km southeast of the city, is topped with a temple to the chosen deity of the Mysore Rajas; the goddess Chamundi, or Durga, who slew the demon buffalo Mahishasura. It's a pleasant, easy bus trip to the top; the walk down, past a huge Nandi, Shiva's bull, takes about thirty minutes.

Chamundi Hill

The forty-metregopura, at the entrance is an attraction to both the eyes & mind. A statue of the demon Mahishasura from whom the city got its name, attracts as soon as you are atop the hills. It mainly attracts the children for its colorfulness and its size.

Non-Hindus can also visit the twelfth-century temple. The idol of goddess Chamundi inside sanctorum sanctuary is solid gold. The magnificent five-metre Nandi, carved from a single piece of black-granite in 1659, is an object of worship himself, adorned with bells and garlands and tended by his own priest. Minor shrines, dedicated to Chamundi and Hanuman among others, line the side of the path .