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The Mysore palace is an architectural wonder. The main building is in grey granite, three storied and dominated by a five storied tower topped by a gilded dome. The tower soars to a height of 145 feet from the ground. The palace is built around an open courtyard, to the east of which is the elephant gate. On the first floor is the Durbar Hall and towards the north is the Ambavilasa. The Kalyanmantap or the marriage hall is awesome. The stained glass decorations and the murals adorning the pavilion are worth spending some time over. Another attraction in the palace is the golden thro

Mysore Palace

Mysore royal places are the interior of the Palace is a fine example of Hindu architecture. Together, it is an aesthetic blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture. Though the present Palace is little over a century old, there is clear evidence to show that there existed a royal structure even when the two Yadu dynasty princes, Yaduraya and Krishnaraya, came to Mysore in 1399 A.D.

The Mysore King Ranadhira Kanthirava Narasaraja Wodeyar, in the 1640s began rebuilding the exquisite Mysore palace. Another very popular ruler of Mysore was Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar who ruled from 1673 to 1704. Between 1761 and 1799, Hyder Ali and his famous son Tipu Sultan took over the reins of the Mysore kingdom and launched a battle against the British. They were unsuccessful in their attempts and the British re-installed the Wodeyars, investing in them all the powers that Tipu had wrested away. Thus the five-year-old prince Krishnaraja Wodeyar was appointed as the Raja in 1799. He continued to rule till 1868. In March 1881, the British who had assumed administrative charge of Mysore in 1831, decided to give over the reins of the state to Chamaraja Wodeyar X . The first democratically elected representative assembly was formed and the Dewan was given prime ministerial powers.