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This zoo was set-up under the royal patronage and houses some rare and exotic birds and animals. Situated amidst lush green surroundings, the zoo has acquired fame for breeding some rare animal in captivity


A main attraction in Mysore specially for children, it also is very educative for them. Some of the animals and birds they would have just seen in books are in front of their eyes which is why the zoological garden in Mysore attracts more & more tourists everyday.

The drive from Bangalore to Mudumalai runs over wellmaintained State highways. The first stretch between Bangalore and Mysore is a reasonably smooth run. Once you cross the towns of Ramanagaram and Chennapatna, the drive gose through avenues of bougainvillaea which form natural archways. If you are thirsty, you can stop at any of the coconut vendors lininig the road.

Passing through Mysore is a honk - and - crawl affair till the city limits. Beyond Nanjangud, for about 20 km, the road is a narrow concrete strip with shoulders of tar. You need to be very careful on this road as the tar has eroded, leaving huge potholes. There may be times when you will be forced to go onto the tar shoulders to avoid oncoming traffic. Remember, utmost care should be taken then to avoid damage to the underbody.

Once the road enters the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary limit, it is almost straight with dense forest on both sides. Seven - and - a half kilometers after the Bandipur reception centre, the road crosses over into Tamil Nadu and the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary.

The scenery along the road is varied with a clutter of small towns on the outskrits of Bangalore. These give way to light forest and fields till Mysore. If you have time with you, a stop at the fantastic Mysore Palace is worth the extra hour to get to Mudumalai.

The accomodation and hotels for Mudumalai are on the road that runs from the reception centre to Masinagudi. Though there is a sign warning that the road is very steep and that you have to strain your car much with the kind of cars that we have today, it is redundant.

There is actually more to do at the places to stay than in the park itself. Consider yourself lucky if you see bison and deer. Should you happen to see a tiger, take a quick look around for the saint who performed the miracle to make it appear.